Hello, my name's Taps and welcome to my Total Drama blog (: here I'll reblog pretty much anything TD related that catches my eye, and I'll post some of my own fanart and personal opinions about characters, eps, the fandom etc.
i will post something other than a selfie soon i swear
I feel kind of shitty about how long I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve been really busy the past few months getting my life together and haven’t really been feeling total drama, I still need to watch the new season. 

I don’t know how invested I’ll be, but I’m going to make an effort and hopefully actually draw things soon!
This selfie is laaaate
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little alex + uncle jerd
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I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog lately omg. I’ve been working on fanart and stuff, but it haven’t finished anything. Ugh I’ll try to legit post something aside from a selfie soon!

Tacky selfie with a filter… Woot

+ Heeey Guys…


 A friend of mine is in a competition for Mainstreet on CBC radio. She needs votes!  It would be awesome if you could take the time to do so. Her name’s Malia Rogers and she’s super talented!


Hey guys, this isn’t really Total Drama related, but I’m being awful and posting this here because I have more followers. 

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I was going to post a really kawaii picture of my new purple hair for Selfie Sunday, but then I only had enough bleach for half of my head and for some reason no where near by was carrying any… So here I am bleaching the rest of my hair at 10 pm… Woo

short hair alejandro edit pbthtbh
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